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Beesafe Health & Safety

Beesafe Training is a Health, Safety and wellbeing training company which offers a full range of training courses to assist with all of your company's training needs. Included are the usual face to face training courses and a series of courses that can be done online.

We are a professional training specialist, we offer a large number of courses in a warm learning environment and through our virtual learning environment. These course are fully interactive and reasonably priced to suit your pocket.

On this site you will find over 40 health, safety and wellbeing training courses in a classroom based environemnt, these include:

General health and safety courses

We have a full range of safety training courses including:


Construction courses

We have a full range of construction industry safety training courses including:


IOSH courses

We have a full range of IOSH safety training courses including:


MHFA England courses

We have a full range of MHFA England First Aid training courses including:

Extensive Range of Training Courses Available

In brief, our general health, safety and wellbeing courses range from manufacturing to Construction safety courses.