Beesafe - Health and Safety Training Courses, Testing and Consultancy

Professional Consultancy and Auditing Services

Beesafe is able to provide you with all of your health and safety consultancy needs. We can deliver this anywhere within the UK.


When you engage a consultant make sure you check that they are registered with organisations such as IOSH.

Our consultants will be able to assist you in maintaining the legal duties you have under safety law.

So you can get on with business while we ensure your staff are safe and and free from risk. More...

GroupBeesafe Health and Safety Group

Follow the links here to find out about our professional retained client service.

Becoming a preferred client within our group attracts substancial discounts on our normal consultancy and other fees.More...

CDMCCDM Adviser Services

With the loss of the CDM-C role clients are now required to appoint persons as key duty holders, these include Principle Contractors, Principle designer and others. Each of these requires a good understanding of pre-construction and construction phase safety management. We can provide that competent service. As a company that has many years experience we can provide help and advice including training into these legally required duties.


RiskRisk Assessment and Method Statements

Whatever your requirements are for risk assessments or method statements.

Our assessors are professional and can cover all areas of assessment no matter the industry.

We can also assess fire safety for any sized premises. More...

Construction siteConstruction Site Inspection

If you need some safety help and advice on your site we can help, from just a coup[le of hours to a full day inspection.

We can provide you with full documentation and reports of the visit.

We understand your needs and can help and advise you as required. More...

OHSAS 18001Safety Management Audit (OHSAS 18001)

To conform with the law you are required to conduct regular audits of your safety management system.

Beesafe can support you no matter what your situation may be, be it newly started through to well established business looking for additional professional support.

Our support is nationwide and our advice is genuinely impartial. More...

PolicyHealth and Safety Policy Service

Every company must have a safety policy. In most cases this must be written down

Don't know where to start we rolex replica watches can lend a hand and it won't cost the earth. More...

AccidentAccident Investigation and Report Writing

Most companies believe it will not happen to them.

But when it does what do you need to do, we can help investigate, deal with the authorities and take the pressure off. More...

OccHOccupational Health Services

Are you aware of your responsibilities to manage the health of your staff?

We make sure that you are fully compliant with the current regulations:

Please contact us for more information

CareCare Industry QCA Audit

In healthcare, clinical audit is well established and is a fundamental building block of clinical governance, assuring the quality of services replica rolex and driving continuous improvement. In contrast, the social care sector, despite serving a large and often vulnerable client group, has no nationally agreed framework and wider system of rolex replica quality assurance and improvement to mirror that in health.